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Fusaro Max Classic Wool Blend Suit In Black

Fusaro Max Classic Wool Blend Suit In Black

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Men's Fusaro Max Classic Wool Blend Suit In Black

  • Style: Suit
  • Fit: Regular Fit Drop 6
  • Feature:  Natural double-pointed rolling, hand-finished collar, unpadded shoulders with soft  "Neapolitan" line stitching, stitched joints, upper pocket with "boat" cut and front welt pockets with flap, cuffs with open buttonhole buttons and side slits . Quality and comfort, thanks also to the DROP 6 proportional measurements, for a softer fit,  without excessive tightening. The trousers are a classic  model  with a narrow bottom , with   hand-  sewn cuffs, America-cut  front  pockets , while the  rear
    they are closed with  a hand-sewn button.
  • Colour: Black
  • Material: Wool Blend

  • Brand: Fusaro
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