Saxone of Scotland Footwear

Saxone of Scotland Footwear

Saxone of Scotland Footwear

We are proud to present our range of Saxone of Scotland footwear available in South Africa online or in-store. The Saxone of Scotland range is the perfect addition to any man's wardrobe and we know men appreciate a comfortable fit with style both formal or smart casual.


Quality of Saxone Footwear

Our range of the Saxone of Scotland shoes are made with a Goodyear Welted Sole and can be worn formally or in a smart casual setting. Saxone footwear stands the test of time and is favoured by gentlemen in South Africa due to it's comfort, durability and style.


What is the Goodyear Welted Sole?

This process is a machine-based alternative to the traditional hand-welted method (c. 1500) for manufacturing men's shoes, allowing them to be resoled repeatedly.

The upper part of the shoe is shaped over the last and fastened on by sewing a leather, linen or synthetic strip ("welt") to the inner and upper sole. As well as using a welt, stitching holds the material firmly together. The welt forms a cavity which is then filled with a cork material.

The final part of the shoe is the sole, which is attached to the welt by some combination of stitching and a high strength adhesive like contact cement or hide glue. 

Made with genuine hand stained natural leather Saxone is an exclusive, high-end brand that is inspired by innovative designs and exceptional quality.


What are the advantages of a Goodyear Welted Sole?

A Goodyear Welted Sole offers many advantages over a traditional hand-welted shoe. The main advantages are: easier to resole and maintain the shoe more durable and water resistant.


Saxone Footwear Price

Starting at R1695 with free delivery in South Africa, Saxone footwear is one of the most valuable men's shoes in our range. Saxone shoes are known for their high quality, great fit and their outstanding value for money. It's the the ideal choice for men who are looking for comfort, quality & adaptability at a great price.


Saxone Footwear Style

The Saxone range comes in a variety of colours and 2 distinct styles so there is something to suit everyone, our range includes the classic lace-ups and buckle up shoe.

Saxone Buckle-up Men's Shoe

Saxone Buckle-Up Men's Shoe in Calf - R1695

Saxone Lace-Up Men's Shoe in Ash

Saxone Lace-Up Men's Shoe in Ash - R1695

Saxone Lace-Up Men's Shoe in Genuine Ostrich

Saxone Lace-Up Men's Shoe in Genuine Ostrich Skin - R6195


Saxone Footwear Sizes

The shoes come in a range of sizes from UK 6 to UK 11, with half sizes in-between.


How to Buy Saxone of Scotland Footwear

Saxone is a brand that is associated with style, class and quality. 

Order your next pair online at Omar's Tailors & Outfitters online or in-store, choose from a range of two distinct styles and a wide range of colours.

Pay in 4 installments through Payflex over 6 weeks or pop into 337 Monty Naicker Street, Durban and make your purchase via a lay-bye.

As always, thank you for visiting Omar's Tailors & Outfitters, and please check back often for all of the latest men's fashion news and stock updates! If you have any questions or comments about this topic, please feel free to contact us at or (+27) 31 306 1331.

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