Crockett & Jones Shoes at Omar's Tailors & Outfitters

Crockett & Jones Shoes: A Timeless Collection at Omar's Tailors & Outfitters

Are you in search of exceptional footwear that perfectly combines style, quality, and tradition?

Look no further than our exclusive range of Crockett & Jones footwear available at Omar's Tailors & Outfitters. Crafted with meticulous care and using the finest genuine leather, our collection embodies timeless elegance that has stood out for over 158 years. Crockett & Jones, of heritage and craftsmanship, proudly South African and internationally revered.

Crockett & Jones shoes embodies timeless elegance:

1. Unparalleled Quality
2. A proudly South African legacy 
3. Craftsmanship & Goodyear Welting
4. Timeless Style

Each pair of Crockett & Jones shoes tells a story of dedication to the artistry of traditional shoemaking. Carefully curated from renowned craftsmen, our collection at Omar's Tailors & Outfitters caters to discerning gentlemen who appreciate the essence of well-crafted footwear.

The legacy of Crockett & Jones began in 1859 when Charles Searle, an immigrant from England, settled in Great Brak River. His commitment to creating rugged leather "veldschoen" stitch-down boots marked the humble beginnings of a brand that would later become synonymous with quality footwear. Over the years, Omar's Tailors & Outfitters has evolved into a retailer that proudly offers the esteemed Crockett & Jones collection.

The commitment to durability and comfort is reflected in the use of the Goodyear welt construction method by Crockett & Jones. This traditional technique not only ensures that these shoes are long-lasting but also allows for easy resoling, making them a wise investment for the future.

From intricately styled broguing to dual-tone colors and a variety genuine leather textures, Crockett & Jones footwear effortlessly combines style and versatility. Whether you're heading to the office or stepping out for a special event, the Crockett & Jones collection at Omar's Tailors & Outfitters 

Are you ready to experience the legacy of Crockett & Jones? Elevate your style and invest in footwear that encapsulates tradition, craftsmanship, and sophistication. Explore the proudly South African collection online or visit Omar's Tailors & Outfitters' store, and take a step towards owning a piece of history that's curated for the modern gentleman.

Order online today at Omar's Tailors & Outfitters, WhatsApp 073 388 8681 or visit us at 337 Monty Naicker Road, Durban CBD and experience the elegance and durability of Crockett & Jones footwear.

Established in 1911, Omar's is an age-old family institution which has become synonymous as a leading men’s fashion house in Durban.

A Testimonial from Our Satisfied Customer: Johan Pretorius, a satisfied customer, shared his experience, "Excellent service and very happy with my Crockett and Jones shoes that I could get nowhere else." Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal, and Johan's testimonial reflects Omar's Tailors & Outfitters' dedication to delivering exceptional products and service.

Join the ranks of discerning gentlemen who appreciate quality and heritage. Elevate your style with every step.

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