Handmade Italian Shoes

by OmarsTailers Admin on August 14, 2020

Aliverti specializes in importing and retailing high-quality men’s shoes and leather accessories made in Italy. All products are made with genuine leather uppers and soles in leather or leather/rubber combined.

Selecting the shoes which will ultimately become part of the Aliverti collection is the first and most important step in the Aliverti process. Along with the Italian brands that we import, Aliverti have created an entire collection branded ‘Aliverti’ which boasts the famous ’Made in Italy’ mark.

A great deal of time is invested in creating Aliverti shoes and outlining the parameters that every model must adhere to. ‘Made in Italy’ is one of the strongest and most recognisable signatures in the world as it assures:

Origin and quality.

All Aliverti shoes are made in Italy by small family-run companies which favour a culture of artisanal-handmade design.

An expression of unparalleled style.

Taste and Italian know-how are these manufacturers’ strongest characteristics.

Passion for design.

This is where exclusive materials and a love for creating beautiful things come together.

All Aliverti shoes are made with genuine leathers that are vegetable tanned. The base element is tannin prime material obtained from plants in a way that is harmonious with nature. This tanning process gives the leather a unique character which is immediately recognisable; the leather will age beautifully absorbing traces of time and making warmer shades emerge. Each shoe is aged, finished, and polished by hand using specific brushes and creams to achieve the desired final effect. Each pair is inimitable in its own right.

One of the most important tasks carried out is spending time with the local shoe manufacturers to discover how products are evolving in terms of design, as well as any technological processes being used for leather handling and tanning; this also involves looking at the measures being taken to ensure maximum comfort and quality.

Omar’s Tailors & Outfitters boast a wide and exclusive range of Aliverti products made especially for Omar’s.